Friday, September 23, 2011

Just the way I am.............


It's not so bad
being different.
It's not easy,
but I'm used to it.
It's all I've ever had.
Sure, I've been teased
and I have felt the stares,
but I have also felt the love
of the ones who really care.
Sometimes I wish I could change,
but don't you think it would be boring
if we were all the same?
We'd have nothing to talk about,
nothing to do.
It's not easy being different,
but it's better to just be you.
I can't do all the things others can,
but I don't mind so much anymore
because I know I am safe in Gods hands.
He has a plan for me
even when it seems Hopeless.
I know there is a reason He made me like this.
There is nothing wrong with me.
It's not a DISABILITY,
it's just a DIFFERENT ability.
I wish people could understand
it's not something I despise.
I am perfect in His eyes
Just the way I am.

© Jayde Dow....