Friday, December 9, 2011



That speak to my Soul!
I'm not normal, I'd think in my head,
I used to think; I'd be better off dead.
My life has been taken, away from me,
It's so unfair, no reason that I can see.
I've been a good person, all of my life,
I feel I've been stabbed, with a sharp knife.
I'd shout and scream, then cry some more,
Hands over face, in a ball on the floor.
All of this aching, all of these harsh pains,
Pulled muscles, lots of strains and sprains.
My joints are stiff, and unbearable to use,
Someone touches me, I go blotchy and bruise.
My shoulders hurt, can't raise them in the air,
There so sensitive, someone's touch I can't bear.
I struggle to walk, as my legs are giving way,
Tingling and burning, shooting pains when I lay.
Swollen hands and fingers, cramp and they lock,
The constant sharp pain, I always try to block.
Tired and worn out, my feet sink in the ground,
My body's a struggle, for me to drag around.
Headaches and Migraines, are not of a few,
Poor concentration, and a bad memory too.
People haven't heard, of what I have got,
Vacant expressions, they're like er… What?
This is what I hate, when I have to explain,
..Cos I get so upset, when I talk of the pain.
No idea they have, because I look so well,
What my life is like, it can be a living hell.
Thing after thing, I am not able to do,
Working and driving, are just of a few.
Learning to accept, to cope and to face,
My life as it is now, at it's own slow pace.

© Jayde.Dow

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