Friday, December 9, 2011



There are times in our lives

When things don't always go the way we planned

Yet somehow, in some way

On our feet we seem to land

It is so important

To have friends who are true

Ones who will be there

Especially for you

True friends are very rare

And they are the ones

You can genuinely count on

To always be there

They may not always

Be able to help

However sometimes it's great

Just to know they are there

To have an ear to listen

To the problems you have

Sometimes is all you need

To help keep your sanity

True friends are those

Who are willing to help

And as time passes by

You quickly learn who they are

They try not to judge you

Or cause you more pain

And all that they ask

Is for the same in return

They will not criticize you

Or put you down

They may try to advise you

But they mean you no harm

True friends are special people

The kind that are hard to find

So when you do, treasure them

They truly are one of a kind

© Jayde Dow....

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