Sunday, November 27, 2011


Friendship can be a happy thing
True friends are very rare
A lot of people pretend
But only you know who really cares

Friendship can be love
Friendship can be pain
Some friends we really want
And some friends tend to leave us in the rain

Especially when we need them
They turn their backs on us
These are the ones
We know we cannot trust

Those who are there
Totally with you forever
Are very rare people
And deserve to be loved

These people will not harm you
Or ever put you down
They are always there
Especially when you need them

There is no cost for true friendship
It is given free for you
Especially for you!!
For being the person that you are

True friends are
Precious like GOLD,
They are one treasure
Which cannot be bought or sold

Don’t forget that in return
One day they might need your help
And you will be there for them
Should that time come

Look after one another
This is what it’s all about
You will never know when you need each other
But it will happen,
Without a doubt

Remember how precious
True friendship can be
Noone can do without it
Neither you nor me!!!

© Jayde Dow....

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