Friday, November 25, 2011

Weeks Gone By.........

My Children went missing, their father took them away for a ten week period when they were young….. I have always expressed myself better with poetry than anything else so I tend to write a lot… This is a poem I wrote when they had been missing for seven long weeks.. It was the longest ten weeks of my life…..
Thankfully my children were found by Federal Police… I know so many are not that lucky… my heart goes out to you….


Seven long weeks gone by
And still no word
No-one to tell me
Nothing I haven't already heard

I wish I did
But I still don't know why
All of this had to happen
I wish I knew where you were

Papa only needed to say
That he wanted to move
And where he was going
And then you I would not lose

I waited and waited
For any telephone call
To hope it was someone
With some news of you all

So far that has not happened
And I wish it would soon
Not seeing you all
Is breaking my heart in two

I know that I will see you
Of that I'm sure
How long it will take
Is not my decision to make

I have tried to find you
Both of us have driven the streets
In the hope of hearing
Your voices or the eight little feet

I miss you more and more
As each day goes by
And not a day has gone by
Where I haven't sat and cried

I wish I just knew
If you were alright
That is all I want
I don't want all of this fight

I have to fight this
In the hope of seeing you all
The rejoiceful day I do
Will take away all the pain

I don't know what Papa
Has said to you
But I am trying my hardest
To find you all

I will never give up
No matter how long it takes
To find my boys all
Alive, safe and well

I look at your photographs
I look at your toys
They are the things
Of my four beautiful boys

It is hard to fight
The tears that constantly come
Sometimes I can't anymore
Straight down my face they run

I honestly hope you are happy
Your happiness is what I want
But I also want to hold you
And be the mother to the boys I've got

I have to believe that
An end has to come soon
Police and Welfare all helping me
Trying to find all of you

Throughout my own life
I have been through alot
But I never dreamed someone
Would take away all  I've got

The hardest part of all of this to
Understand would have to be
That I don't know why Papa
Had to do all of this to me

Mum is still here
And still loving you
The four children
She gave birth to

No one can take those
Wonderful memories away
Not even the rain and clouds
On a winters' day

I pray and pray
That soon you'll be found
I also pray that I can
Always have you around

© Jayde.Dow

written 19th of February 1995

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