Sunday, November 27, 2011

A poem I wrote- Depression

I wrote this about living with Chronic Illness and the Depression that goes along with it at times in our 'flares' of our illnesses.. I wanted to share it with you.. Hugs and Blessings Jayde Dow


Let me tell you of depression
And the anxiety it brings
It is a pain we can't see
Created by so many things

People hurt people
Sweet revenge it is called
But it all just creates
A bitter end to it all

People get depressed
For all sorts of reasons
It is always happening
From season to season

Some people get depressed
Because they don't have enough
And others because
They find that times are too tough

Some people have it all
The yachts and the mansions
The cars and the money
Yet no love creates their depression

Society creates depression
Psychiatrists try to fix
But you never seem to fix it all
Always little bits you miss

A famous statement
You'll Bounce Back!
But every time it happens
The bounce tends to lack

A ball will bounce
Only so many times
And after a while
It loses its shine

I guess we will never know
Why we go through such pain
Is there an end to it all??
We just have to keep trying again!!

©Jayde Dow

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