Tuesday, November 29, 2011



I know what it is like
To be hurt again and again
No matter how many times
It never lessens the pain

"  A Perfect World"
I wish there could be
But it doesn't seem possible
For you or for me

Everyone is fighting over
Insignifigant things
It is not necessary
Only sadness it brings

It is time we all changed
And learnt to get along
For that is the only way
Together, we can be strong

Emotional issues
Are close to the heart
People use these issues
To tear others apart

People should realise
The harm they can do
Not just physically
But mentally too

It is a pain you can't see
But it is so very real
To the person who feels it
Their sanity you can steal

A world without hate
Without fear or strife
That would have to be
The most perfect life

Let us all join together
And try to get along
For the sake of our future
Everyone needs to be strong

It takes more courage
To try to make things work
Instead of being so negative
Together, we CAN make it work

People should realize
They are destroying each other
With their violence and hate
Only enemies do they make

To love someone else
You first need to love you!
This is something not
Many people can do

© Jayde.Dow

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